The Cosmic Agent!

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    The Cosmic Agent is a vendor who sells rare, possibly exotic items in exchange of various in-game items, specifically Strange Shards!

    The Cosmic Agent Location

    The Cosmic Agent appears at a random spot in the overworld's spawn every Friday (12:50 AM GMT) and may change his location every week. He will vanish by the next auto reboot which takes place 24 hours later.
    You will be able to find him on Lava planet. He will visit the other planets once they've reset.

    The Cosmic Agent Trading
    The Comic Agent has one permanent trade — The "CosmicAgent" Title (in exchange of 1 dirt block)

    Aside from that, the Cosmic Agent will trade a mix of rare and exotic items, some of which have so far included:
    • Boss Eggs
    • Custom Creeper Eggs
    • Custom TNT
    • Fallen Heroes
    • Glowing Obsidian
    • Heroic Armor
    • Nametags
    • Spawners
    The trades may get replaced by a new set of trades every week.

    Strange Shards
    A strange item, obtainable only through voting (in the future, they may be obtainable through other means). They can be used in two ways — as an input for trading special items with the Cosmic Agent and tinkering to obtain custom creeper eggs in return.
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    That’s a cool thing Cosmic doesn’t have defenitly not the mystery man from prisons
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