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  1. DragonKing
    DragonKing Gatoman11
    I lost my gkit gem because I claim an already owned gkit gem I need help how can I get it back?
  2. RandomCaptainX3
    RandomCaptainX3 IHasPotato515
    can u ples add lenny title for memes
  3. RandomCaptainX3
    RandomCaptainX3 Muqsit
    I forgot to tell u when I was sectional
    would u add lenny title for memes
  4. K0SM1C
    Username: LegendaryEnder3 say hi if you see me on the server
  5. K0SM1C
    I play on monster and ice planet sometimes other planets i have the tier 2 rank that is 10$ and i love the server CosmicPE!
  6. Gatoman11
  7. Gatoman11
    Gatoman11 Jacob Morris
    Messaging an Admin on the forums asking for staff won't get you anywhere.

    One: Staff applications were closed recently, your late!
    Two: If they were open then there would be a format and a section for you to make a staff application on.

    ... But there isn't so, you could still be a good Samaritan and help other players out without a name like "[STAFF] Jacob Morris >> 3r4gq3" on our servers.
  8. Fluffy23
    Just, Sleepin
    1. Gatoman11
      I hope ya enjoyed your sleep
      Jan 16, 2018 at 4:36 PM
  9. XxMinegamer8xX
    Why is ice planet off
    1. Gatoman11
      Either; Maintenance or an Outage, that's all I can think of
      Jan 16, 2018 at 4:37 PM
  10. Jacob Morris
    Jacob Morris IHasPotato515
    Sir i asked muskqut and its been 2 weeks so im going to ask here to you i am 14, a hard worker, Responsible, trust worthy, and i am good with people when i must be but when it comes to a area of which i would be helping of course wouldnt be of my choosing so please DM me on here i would like too see if i can fill out a staff fourm please i just want help make the server better and easier for everyone to use in anyway
  11. Cryptic
    I'm back guys! Hope you are having a wonderful time!
  12. Gatoman11
    Welcome to 8/1/18
  13. Ducks4President
    Ducks4President morrisclan11
    Psst join my faction
  14. RandomCaptainX3
    RandomCaptainX3 Cryptic
    happy bday normie
    1. Cryptic
      Jan 7, 2018
  15. xTheCasualMCx
    Check My YT: TheCasualMC I will soon post CosmicPE series!
  16. Sucicidarsee
    | Join My Faction On Ice Planet // Suicidal \\ Windows 10 Member Only |
  17. Emil Czander
    Emil Czander morrisclan11
    Fist fight
    No armor
    No squad
    No help
    easy 1v1 all about skills, pancake shorts
  18. Emil Czander
    Emil Czander morrisclan11
    I will rekt you very easily pancake shorts
  19. Emil Czander
  20. Emil Czander
    Emil Czander Lightness16
    heyyyyyyyyyyyyy light