A new way of authenticating!
Greetings Cosmonauts!
As most of you have probably already found this out, the authentication on all planets...doesn't exist anymore. This week, we were working with authentication and have made it (slightly) faster to authenticate (and easier). And a + point, we have also added 2FA support!

The new way of authentication
If you log onto any of the factions servers, you may notice this message:

"You have been authenticated. If you would like to change your password, please visit the /hub."

You will be automatically authenticated based on your IP address. If your IP address does not match the IP address on your last successful login, you will be sent to the hub (

2FA and how to set it up
stands for Two-Factor Authentication. You might have probably heard about it by now, if you have your own email or an account on a social media website. CosmicPE uses Google Authenticator's API for two-factor authentication.

How to set up 2FA?
  1. Login to the /hub and type in /2fa
  2. You will be granted with a 'Secret Key' and a map with a barcode on it.
  3. Download Google Authenticator on your device. Links to the app: iOS | Android | Blackberry | Windows Phone
  4. Click the + sign (mostly located at the bottom right) in Google Authenticator.
  5. You have two options. Either manually 'Enter a provided key' or 'Scan a barcode'. If you...
Greetings Cosmonauts!
We have decided to bring /linkpv back. The new /linkpv has a little more friendly interface.

How does it work?

/linkpv moves contents from your vault to a practical double-chest.

1. Execute /linkpv <vault-number>
2. Tap a double chest

If you want to cancel the process, you can use /linkpv cancel.

3. Wait for the process!
Note that breaking the chest while the process is going on will cancel the process. This is still safe.
Logging out or dying during the process will cancel the process too. You'll have to re-execute the command after such an occurrence.
While the server is "Linking Vault #<#>", it's safe to view the chest inventory.

4. Done

while the process is going on, you will not be able to use /pv. You can cancel the process using /linkpv cancel OR wait for the process to finish to start using /pv again.
Greetings Cosmonauts,

We will be updating all planets so that all of them would share similarities and features equally.
Currently, 3 planets are running on the latest version of our core. The rest will be getting the update soon.
  • Alien Planet (
  • Ice Planet (
  • Pleb Planet (
Features include:
  • A full rewrite of /faction command featuring multiple /f claims and new commands such as
    • /f claimline <#> - Claim a line of chunks relative to the direction you are facing.
    • /f map - Plot faction claims on an ASCII map.
    • /f list - List all factions
    • /f warp - Warp to a faction warp.
    • /f announce <message> - Announces <message> to the faction.
    • /f money withdraw <money> - Withdraw $<money> from faction.
    • /f money deposit <money> - Deposit $<money> to faction.
    • /f money ff <money> <faction> - Transfer $<money> from your faction to <faction>.
    • /f money fp <money> <player> - Transfer $<money> from your faction to <player>.
  • Improved commands.
    • /staff
    • /title
    • /bal
    • /topmoney
    • /pay
  • New commands: [ALIASES: /bal, /baltop], /enchants, /relog.
  • KOTH (King Of The Hill) event.
  • Shifting core from Genisys to PocketMine-MP.
  • Bugs & Exploit fixes:
    • Fixed Auction House duplication glitch.
    • Fixed server crashes occurring due to server not being able to save UndeadAssassin.
    • Fixed NBT-tagged (custom) items glitching off of inventory.
    • Fixed closing chests some(many)times gets rid of player's GUI.
  • Use asynchronous tasks rather than synchronous tasks for handling bloatwares.
    • "When you execute something synchronously, you wait for it to finish before moving on to another task. When you execute something asynchronously, you can move on to another task before it...
Heyo cosmonauts,

tutorial on how /migrate works, please stop bugging us about your ranks. We know. Lel.

If you believe you have been unfairly banned, then this is the place for you to make a thread. Please remember that using the format, correct grammar, and being polite will result in you having a higher chance of getting unbanned. Please note that moderators may deal with appeals differently, and not everyone will follow a set of criteria - it's up to the mod who banned you. If you were banned by a resigned / demoted moderator, - a senior staff member will take care of that appeal.

Official Format:

IGN: (Minecraft Username / Minecraft Nickname)
Banned By: (Mod Who banned you, check here )
Reason: Reason Of Ban ( Message when you try to log in )
Why you feel you should be unbanned: Brief explanation of why you should be unbanned
Additional Comments / Info: Extra information you wish to provide.

Example of a Good Appeal:
Banned By: TheCatsMeowow
Reason: KillAura - Survival Games [w]
Why you feel you should be unbanned: I was falsely banned, I was simply using a sensitive mouse and I'm good at pvp. I was also recording the whole time - I showed my versions and went through .legit and .bind on singleplayer.
Additional Comments: Thanks for reading this, the proof is shown below - and I hope I get unbanned!

Example of a Bad Appeal:
you guys itz ice and i was banned by alex marker and thats gei so unban me!!!1

Appeals should usually be dealt with within 1-5 days of being posted, and will be looked over thoroughly. Please try to remain calm when writing the appeal and avoid profanity.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to use the format when appealing.
-Sectional Moderating Team