Upcoming Ice Planet Reset
Greetings, Cosmonauts!
Ice planet's reset will be happening on May 9th, 2018 OR May 10th 2018. Here's some information on what will be kept and what will be lost during the reset:

What will you WILL KEEP after the reset:
Cosmic Effects / Trails
The quantity homes that you currently have available to you at the moment of reset

What will be lost with the reset:
Cash Balance
Inventory/Echest/PV Contents
Bases/Land etc
Home locations


  • Several bug fixes related to custom items.
  • Fixed several crashes related to teleportation and loading chunks.
  • Major improvements to world generation (overworld and nether).
Greetings Cosmonauts,
Really sorry but we had to do this...
Everyone who purchased their ranks BEFORE December 2017 will need to migrate their accounts again. You may be asking "Why?". Well, lets get some things straight:
  • Some players SHARED their donator accounts with their friends and were upset over the fact that their friend had /migrated their account. Please NEVER share your accounts with anyone in the future.
  • Some players SHARED their receipts too. Please don't be this guy.
This created a lot of problems among migrated and non-migrated accounts. We even gave away many ranks without verifying whether the username had already migrated. Things were getting really messy so we decided to put a stop to this system of /migrate.

What is the new way to /migrate?
Players who purchased in-game items will be emailed on the email they used to purchase their rank. They will be emailed a unique verification code which they'll need to enter in-game to proceed to migration. This code will be formatted as such: AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD

The email will also include the exact command that you should execute in-game to gain your rank.
If you haven't got the email, please try using /migrate <oldusername> in-game and see what reason it gives. Reasons where you are requested to tweet someone can be solved.
Greetings Cosmonauts!

The wait is semi-finally over! We will soon be restarting Ice Planet (ice.cosmicpe.me:19132) with tons of features, bug fixes and improvements.

NOTE: Once the server IS finally up, there *may* be some difficulties in connecting to the server during the first hour. We may even have to whitelist it at times for maintenance. This is still just a possibility.
TL;DR Don't mistake any server restarts in the first hour of release for reboot loops.

Here's a LIVE update of what needs to be added and fixed before Ice Planet goes online.
  • Combat:
    • Respawn screen is not sent to the client during deaths by void in the End Dimension). This causes other bugs too. When the client rejoins the game:
      • They still have the effects they had before their death.
      • They still have their XP level.
      • Potential duplication of inventory items.
      • They are not sent to the default world spawn after they rejoin.
    • Disable /duel command for a future rewrite featuring stakes.
  • Rewardings:
    • Add Legendary Item List.
    • Add Godly Item List. [THIS IS NOT YET COMPLETED, this will be worked on in the future updates]
    • Re-add and improve /vote rewards.
    • Add Fallen Heroes and Gkit gems to Elite+ Item List.
    • Make Ultimate and Legendary envoys spawn SpaceUndead and SpaceDemons.
  • Custom Enchantments:
    • Reforged does nothing.
    • Lifesteal V and Arrow Lifesteal V are too OP.
    • Detonate shows glitchy behaviour.
    • Temporarily remove "Obsidian Destroyer" because there is currently no efficient way of changing the client's block break speed.
  • Mobs:
    • Undead Assassins show bugged behaviour.
    • Force End Monsters...
  • Re-import worlds from CosmicPvP so that the spaceship is decorated with stained glass rather than plain glass (not forgetting shops this time).
  • Reset all planets.
  • Add /trade.
  • Improve event handling.
  • Rewrite Custom Enchantments.
    • Rewrite Armor Enchantments.
    • Rewrite Tool Enchantments.
    • Rewrite Weapon Enchantments.
    • Sync enchantment tier changes from CosmicPvP.
  • Add XBOX Live authorization and drop HereAuth authorization.
  • Add publicly accessible debug command /xbldata (XBOX Live Data).
  • Fix BuyCraft -> Server linking.
  • Add /migrate to migrate data from old account to new account. (If you have already purchased a rank, but your username has already been taken on XBOX Live, you can create a new xbox live account under username of choice and then use /migrate <oldusername> to migrate your ranks and permissions. If you are NOT a donator, this command will still help you as "permissions" include permissions to gkits and titles too). I will document usage of this command once the update has been released.
  • Improve world generators and generation.
    • Improve Overworld
      • Improve plain biomes.
      • Improve ore generation.
      • Implement cave generation.
      • Add Flower Forest Biome.
      • Add Forest Biome.
      • Add Jungle Biome.
      • Add Savanna Biome.
      • Add Sunflower Biome.
      • Improve Trees
        • Add Acacia Tree.
        • Add Big Oak Tree.
        • Add Jungle Tree.
        • Add Mega Jungle Tree.
        • Improve Redwood Tree.
    • Improve Nether
      • Add nether portals.
      • Add nether...
Greetings Cosmonauts!

We have brought some changes to GUI commands on CosmicPE. This affects the following:
  • Auction House (NOTE: Auction House is temporarily disabled)
  • Combiner
  • Tinkerer
  • Kits GUI
  • Enchanter
  • Duel
  • Space Chests
You no longer need to "drag and drop" the item for a successful transaction. One click, and that's it. Yeah, you can now spam the enchanter and tinkerer buttons without any frustrations. Auction house has been temporarily disabled as it's being worked on. There were some glitches and possible dupes with AH. It should be back up in 24 hours.

  • Fixed duel with envoy kit lagging the server and not working.
  • Fixed gkits not having cooldowns.
  • Fixed redstone switches giving wrong sound (previously the switches sent the client Menu Button Click Sound).
  • Fixed Frozen, Double Damage and Molten not having any enchantment tier set, thus making it impossible to combine those enchants.
  • Fixed Axes and Pickaxes not working in /combiner.
  • Corrected sound played when space chest shuffles.
Greetings Cosmonauts!

This is one of those threads where we cover up what updates CosmicPE received this week.

Minigames - Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery is now back with huge performance improvements. You can now join the server through a direct IP (minigames.cosmicpe.me:19132).

BuyCraft - Nasty bug fix
Apparently, players who didn't login under 24-hours after the purchase of an in-game item didn't receive their item. We have hence added /packages. The instant you purchase an in-game item from buycraft, the item will be added to your /packages inventory in-game. You need not worry anymore about logging in 24-hours after the purchase.

Heroic Bosses and Bosses AI fix
Previously, Heroic Bosses and Bosses would begin to glitch right after they start moving, causing them to become invulnerable to all damages. This bug has been fixed.

Secret Dust
Secret dust particles and sounds have been improved.

Fire aspect now works on stacked mobs. Mobs will dropped cooked items when they are killed while set on fire.
Fixed mobs not getting cleared even after hours of server uptime.

Splash Potion
Splash potions are now visible when thrown.

Fixed black scrolls not removing enchantment name lores after removing a random enchantment.

  • Fixed a crash caused while using Cowification enchantment.
  • Fixed a crash caused while using Explosive enchantment.
  • Fixed a crash caused while using /enchanter.
  • Fixed a crash caused while using /combiner.
  • Fixed a crash caused while cooldown teleporting.


Added 4 new titles:
  • BaseSlave
  • Assassin
  • #NoSeasons
  • #IPlayForMyself

Added (very) basic redstone mechanisms.
  • Added Hoppers
  • Added Levers
  • Added Dispensers
    • The following do not dispense as dropped items:
      • Armor
      • Arrow
      • Egg
      • Snowball
  • Added...
Greetings Cosmonauts!

This week, we decided to improve your experience on CosmicPE and had pushed a (little) update to all the faction servers. Below is a list of changes that took place (today and yesterday).
  • /god mode will prevent you from the following damage causes only:
    • Suffocation
    • Fall
    • Fire
    • Fire tick
    • Lava
    • Drowning
    • Block explosion
    • Entity explosion
    • Starvation
  • /back position now teleports you to your last death point rather than your last teleport position. The position won't be set if you die in a /duel arena.
  • /clearinventory (or /ci) now asks for confirmation (/ci yes to confirm, /ci no to reject) before clearing the command issuer's inventory.
  • Dropped support for EssentialsPE. Everything will be managed and stored in the respected planet's database.
  • Fixed crashes caused due to NBT corruption of heroic bosses.
  • Mob AI and behavior improvements
    • Mobs will slow down while jumping above blocks rather than instantly jumping above every obstacle.
    • Fixed mobs jumping randomly.
    • Fixed mobs going underground (glitchy behavior).
    • Fixed mobs rotating 360° for no reason.
    • Fixed mobs fly-hacking.
    • Improved mob spawner performance and load.
      • Previously, mob spawners would spawn the entity, and then check for similar nearby entities to create a stack with. Now, mob spawners will not spawn an entity unless there are no entities nearby to stack up with. This change won't affect your gameplay, this is a server-sided performance improvement....
No, that wasn't a typo!
Greetings Cosmonauts,

As slow as our updates currently are, we will eventually get there! Once we are sure that there are no more exploits left, we will be adding in more and more twists such as new bosses and heroics.

/combine lets you sort out valuables (gems and ores) in your inventory by compressing anything possible. For example, you've got 81 diamonds, 46 gold ingots and 36 iron ingots in your inventory. Using /combine will sort it out for you and probably give you some free space. You'll be left with 9 diamond blocks, 5 gold blocks, 1 gold ingot and 4 iron blocks in this case.

Stay tuned for more updates and additions.

The following screenshot has been taken from forum.cosmicpvp.me
A new way of authenticating!
Greetings Cosmonauts!
As most of you have probably already found this out, the authentication on all planets...doesn't exist anymore. This week, we were working with authentication and have made it (slightly) faster to authenticate (and easier). And a + point, we have also added 2FA support!

The new way of authentication
If you log onto any of the factions servers, you may notice this message:

"You have been authenticated. If you would like to change your password, please visit the /hub."

You will be automatically authenticated based on your IP address. If your IP address does not match the IP address on your last successful login, you will be sent to the hub (play.cosmicpe.me:19132).

2FA and how to set it up
stands for Two-Factor Authentication. You might have probably heard about it by now, if you have your own email or an account on a social media website. CosmicPE uses Google Authenticator's API for two-factor authentication.

How to set up 2FA?
  1. Login to the /hub and type in /2fa
  2. You will be granted with a 'Secret Key' and a map with a barcode on it.
  3. Download Google Authenticator on your device. Links to the app: iOS | Android | Blackberry | Windows Phone
  4. Click the + sign (mostly located at the bottom right) in Google Authenticator.
  5. You have two options. Either manually 'Enter a provided key' or 'Scan a barcode'. If you...
Greetings Cosmonauts!
We have decided to bring /linkpv back. The new /linkpv has a little more friendly interface.

How does it work?

/linkpv moves contents from your vault to a practical double-chest.

1. Execute /linkpv <vault-number>
2. Tap a double chest

If you want to cancel the process, you can use /linkpv cancel.

3. Wait for the process!
Note that breaking the chest while the process is going on will cancel the process. This is still safe.
Logging out or dying during the process will cancel the process too. You'll have to re-execute the command after such an occurrence.
While the server is "Linking Vault #<#>", it's safe to view the chest inventory.

4. Done

while the process is going on, you will not be able to use /pv. You can cancel the process using /linkpv cancel OR wait for the process to finish to start using /pv again.